Clinical Supervision

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a comprehensive set of theories and clinical techniques. Its depth and complexity allows (in fact it calls for) a practitioner to find their own way, to be themselves as a therapist whilst simultaneously staying within the broader model. Whilst this might be freeing for an experienced therapist, it is often bewildering and anxiety provoking earlier on in one’s practice.

For the early career practitioner psychodynamic supervision offers the chance to apply theory to practice, enhance skills, sharpen case formulation and begin the journey of finding their own voice as a psychodynamic therapist.

For more experienced therapists, careful analysis of the transference-countertransference relationship enhances their sensitivity to and awareness of projective processes, positioning, enactments and other non-conscious psychic activity that needs to be addressed to help therapy stay (or get back) on track. Close process tracking is available for those wishing to tighten their clinical work, or where issues like impasse and enactment have arisen. However, I also offer open inquiry to foster analytic imagination, exploration of parallel process and what we might also call parallel reverie.

Finally, for those wishing to transition to or deepen their understanding of depth psychology (psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapy), supervision is an ideal place to learn the way in which symbolism and unconscious communication play out in their clinical work. Increasing awareness of these gradually lead to deeper therapeutic thinking, feeling and relating.

Finding the appropriate ‘through-line’ from psychoanalytic metapsychology, to clinical theory and technique is a process that gives clarity to the work and confidence to the clinician. It is one of the joys of the profession to collaboratively piece together a complex clinical picture and it is even more satisfying seeing it lead to a good outcome!

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