Anxiety is a term that refers to an ongoing heightened level of stress that is not reasonable for the situation. These levels of stress can lead people to become over vigilant, or constantly alarmed and easily triggered. The symptoms often include at least some of the following : churning gut, headaches, moments of intense panic, feeling overly sensitive, being over reactive, paranoia, constant worry, excessive nervousness or pensiveness.

Anxiety is almost always accompanied by strong and persistent physical sensations in the chest, gut, and head. Feelings of pressure, emptiness or buzzing and churning all indicate that the nervous system is overly active and is generating an extra fear response.

Psychotherapy can help with anxiety and related issues by helping you to; identify triggers, learn coping mechanisms, discover the kinds of thoughts that help you and the kind that aggravate you, explore ways to find expression and relief for the body, learn how to assert yourself, extending moments of wellbeing, and calm your nervous system.

Anxiety requires a few levels of treatment, usually simultaneously. The mind that creates thoughts and interprets the body and the world needs fresh perspectives, the heart that is worried needs to be heard and understood, and the body that is racing needs to finds expression and be soothed.

If it seems like you have anxiety, or an unreasonable level of stress that is persisting, then making a call to a thoughtful professional who can help might be a good next step.

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