Authentic Self

There are many parts to a person, and every one of them is necessary and has its place. If you are interested in unearthing your potential and letting go of your limitations, then chances are you have not found and integrated some important parts of yourself.

Our modern times create modern issues. For many of us nowadays, we have the sense that we are not becoming the person we could be.

Whether or not we have found the career, income or partner we want many of us still feel partially unfulfilled or incomplete. I refer to this issue as a struggle to realise our authentic self. Many people in today’s busy world feel that they have done most of the things they were supposed to do in life, but somehow didn’t become fulfilled along the way. Schools and Universities don’t really prepare us for the fact that fulfillment in life is a particular art form that requires wisdom and application like any other.

Psychotherapy can help unearth the creative, generative, heart and soul of a person that are often deeply hidden – as well as explore ways toward a balanced expression – integration – of these aspects. Often we need much encouragement, and to be respectfully and thoughtfully challenged about our limiting self beliefs and our often narrow sense of freedom and empowerment.

Behind our fears and worries lie great capacities and talents just waiting for us to rise to the challenge and start the journey of real self discovery! If you are ready to start this journey, then make a confidential call to:

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