Depression is different from sadness and bereavement however there can be some overlap. Generally when people are depressed they feel at least some of the following: tired, apathetic, guilty, worthless, worried, anxious, stressed, unable to be satisfied and distant, without there being an obvious reason over a prolonged period of time.

Also the body is affected and symptoms often include at least some of the following, feelings of pressure, churning, mysterious aches and pains, sluggish digestion or low appetite and libido and sleep disturbance is common – therefore people become exhausted easily.

Psychotherapy can help with depression and related issues by; helping to identify triggers, providing a space to learn coping mechanisms and express underlying emotions, exploring new ways of thinking and feeling that support well-being, easing the worry and getting some perspective back.

If your not feeling well, then don’t wait too long to reach out for some confidential assistance from someone who is experienced, unbiased and objective with this issue. Relief can be found and life can be lived again.

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