Loss & Bereavement

When we lose a relationship with someone that we know and love, whether through a separation or through death it produces a wide range of emotions.

In the case of bereavement, when someone has died, the experience is usually more shocking, more deeply felt and longer lasting. However there are many similarities to other separations that we experience in life.

Many people commonly experience an initial shock, which is often but not always experienced as numbness. This can be followed by any of the following; anger, confusion, hurt, sorrow, guilt shame, desperation, and remorse.

Much has been written about the stages or sequence of grief, however it is not what really matters. What really matters is that people have support and understanding. That they’re not under extra pressure, and they can find somewhere to express the often confusing mess of things they need to.

If you or someone you know is going through a period of grief and it seems that some professional support could be of use, then don’t hesitate to call:

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Call (02) 9067 2724, 10 A Boolwey St Bowral, NSW and Online
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