Chronic Illness

Illness and Pain offer a rare window to explore, learn about and change some of our deepest mind body connections. In chronic illness and pain or short term repetitive illness the mind almost always plays a crucial role in prolonging the problem or creating wellbeing. Countless studies now show that a mind that is positive, clear and focused can help in the recovery and management of chronic health issues.

Psychotherapy with a focus on bodily experience can help to understand more holistically how the pain and illness have become part of our minds and lives, how we have shaped our self around the symptoms and how our family and social relationships have been changed as a result.

In some instances, psychotherapy can help reveal to us the psychological meanings and feelings hidden in and behind physical symptoms. Once seen and thought about together, pathways for recovery start to emerge.

This knowledge also often assists in recovery or management so that the relationships we form with our own states of illness and health are as helpful and meaningful as they can be. Finally our ability to ‘be with ourselves and our suffering’ forms a crucial capacity in our ongoing efforts to understand our emotional lives, face reality, grieve, reduce and manage pain and ‘stay realistic and positive’. These capacities can be developed in a supportive therapeutic environment, where the whole person- body, mind and spirit – are encouraged to live fully and meaningfully.

If you would like support with chronic physical pain of if you are going through a health issue, then please feel free to call for a confidential discussion about your situation.

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