Couples Therapy

Two-Lovers-FragmentSuccessful partnering is something that many people really want, however, there is so much more to it than we might have originally thought.

The negotiation between partners is actually a complex and ongoing task, then add in-laws and children to the mix!  Further difficulties often ensue around common problems like money, parenting, work-life balance, pornography, infidelity and addiction.

Whether you or your partner’s pattern is to flare up, or withdraw, or to doubt the entire relationship, change is possible. All these areas of pain, aggravation, and disconnection in a couple’s relationship have an underlying story.

Helping partners to really understand these stories both in themselves and in their partner helps each of them see with new eyes what they have created together. This perspective reveals opportunities for transformation that were previously hidden from sight.

Working with couples requires respect for both the individual journeys and the relationship itself. From this respectful starting point, collaborative three-way dialogue is given a chance to flourish, which allows us to deepen our understanding and gradually increase your connection and intimacy.

Whether you’re looking to break out of painful and repetitive cycles of interaction with your partner and rediscover your passion for each other, or work out if you can actually make it work together, or even find a way to separate, coming to see an experienced therapist can be relieving and rewarding step on your journey.

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